The Collective

A House with
No Walls

While maintaining a core group of strategists, we're building a dynamic collective of talented people to help us deliver original ways of working, thinking, and executing outstanding experiences for brands. At Little House, we're interested in what happens when remarkable individuals come together for defined periods of time, not as employees of the same company, but as a collection of people who understand the value of the sum as well as its parts.

We understand, are facinated by, and cater to the tension between an individual's personal creative capabilities and the collective power of a group.

Our collective consists of a global pool of thinkers and doers including artists, strategists, designers, developers, writers, photographers, and producers.

Members of
Our Collective


Are part of a hand-picked group of talented creators around the world


Are available as mentors and collaborators for other members and have access to the Little House panel of advisors for support on professional and personal projects


Are invited to participate in a growing roster of Little House events including family dinner, book club, and more


Have the opportunity to travel, meet awesomely talented co-collaborators and clients


Speaking of clients, members of our collective interface directly with our clients, typically Fortune 100 executives, startup founders, and non-profit leaders

Matt Daniels

Designer, Developer, Hacker

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