Designing Brand Experiences

Little House is a strategy-led digital collective helping brands solve problems, bring ideas to market, and create smart digital products.

We Believe


Good design impacts the bottom line.

Good design is experience design. And it's fundamental to your business.


The right questions are more important than the right answers.

We'd rather be told we went two steps too far than say we didn't go far enough.


Getting things done is a powerful, invaluable skill.

Knowing what to do is 1/2 of the battle, actually doing it is the other.

Creative Services

The best brands today are making big bets on the future and creating unique and measurable ways to withstand constant change, engage customers, and tell stories.


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“Little House knows how to nail down exactly what is right for a brand. Their approach to strategy and product development is spot on.”

Sarah Sullivan

Digital Media Director,

A New Way of
Working Together

Collaborating with a handpicked team of business-focused creatives.

We're building a dynamic collective of talented individuals to deliver original ways of working, thinking, and executing outstanding experiences for brands.

With more than a third of of America's workforce opting into the freelance economy, we understand, are facinated by, and hope to cater to the tension between the individual's personal creative capabilities and collective power of the group.

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